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Pallet Flow Rack Skate Wheels


Heavy-Duty Metal Pallet Flow Rack Skate Wheels

UNARCO can configure a pallet flow rack system from metal or plastic skate wheels in staggered or inline pallet flow lane designs.

Pallet Flow Rack systems are gravity driven and UNARCO’s design insures against hindrance of product flow. Heavy-duty skate wheels can be configured to meet any pallet capacity. In-line wheels are available on 2″, 3″ or 4″ centers to assist with concentrated loads. For extreme loads, staggered wheels on 1½” or 2″ centers can be added.

Wheels are available in metal or plastic design in numerous configurations.  Pallet Flow Rack lanes drop into the rack and are moveable within the pallet racking bay to adjust to any pallet size.

Metal skate wheels contain an anti-backup device which keeps the pallets moving towards the picking position. Once flow is complete to the picking position, product is retained by a pallet stop. These stops are available in steel for added durability or nylon for a soft cushion.

Notched flow lane units rest in the step of the beam to add a lower profile which protects the ends of the flow rail. A tek screw can be drilled into the beam step to secure the rail in place. The special notching around the step of the beam allows for a very secure fit.

UNARCO heavy-duty pallet flow rack side rails are manufactured to be strong enough for all of the abuse from heavy pallets and constant product movement.

Special beam sections can be manufactured for floor level pallet flow rack applications to raise pallet flow lanes off the warehouse or distribution center floor.

For more information on Pallet Flow Rack Systems visit How Pallet Flow Works or view additional photos at  UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Gallery.

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