Durability Add-ons


. Heavy Duty Bracing

. Sloped-Leg Uprights

. Straddle Protectors (welded on)

. Column Protectors

. Double Column Uprights

. Wood-Filled Columns

Because warehouse environments can be very demanding, UNARCO manufactures a whole list of items and add-ons for making the pallet storage rack more durable.

Heavy Duty Bracing for Pallet Rack Uprights

HEAVY-DUTY BRACING can be welded in the factory to help guard against abuse from pallets being placed in the racking.

Double Column Uprights for Pallet Rack

DOUBLE COLUMN UPRIGHTS provide superior abuse resistance and offer added capacity to the frame. Available in front post only or front/rear posts.


Sloped Leg Pallet Rack Uprights

SLOPED-LEG UPRIGHTS have a front leg, is set back from the aisle to protect the bottom section of the front post from forklift damage.

Straddle Protectors for Pallet Rack Uprights

STRADDLE PROTECTORS are designed specifically for reach trucks or applications where damage occurs within the first 6″ of the pallet rack upright frame height.


Column Protectors for Pallet Rack Uprights

COLUMN PROTECTORS are popular add-on  option for pallet rack upright protection from impact. They can be installed in the field by bolting onto a frame with side punching or anchored to the floor surrounding the column. Column protectors can be ordered to any height required.

Wood-Filled Column Inserts for Pallet Racking

WOOD-FILLED COLUMNS are UNARCO’s own patented system of inserting a specially slotted hardwood insert into the pallet rack column. Wood absorbs the shock of impact and limits column damage. View video of wood filled column testing.

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