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Structural Capacities


Structural Channel Frame Tables Bolted

Column Size C3 x 3.5 C3 x 4.1 C4 x 4.5 C4 x 5.4
Shelf Space 40″ Pan. 40″ Pan. 40″ Pan. 40″ Pan.
36″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
42″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
48″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
54″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
60″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
66″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
66″ 27,515 29,821 44,172 47,134
72″ 27,320 28,037 44,172 47,134
78″ 23,940 24,400 44,172 47,134
84″ 20,724 21,033 44,126 46,257
90″ 18,053 18,322 40,610 42,229
96″ 15,867 16,103 37,162 38,328

Structural Channel Frame
Tables Tear Drop

Column Size C3 x 3.5
Shelf Space 40″ Pan.
36″ 26,848
42″ 26,848
48″ 26,848
54″ 26,848
60″ 26,848
66″ 26,848
66″ 26,848
72″ 26,657
78″ 23,360
84″ 20,222
90″ 17,616
96″ 15,483

All values in the above tables assume that each column carries half of the frame load.  The table values are expressed in pounds per frame.  These values are based on gravity loading only that is purely axial.  Any condition where the axial load is accompanied by moment, the axial load capacity will be less.  This will occur for non-symmetrical loading conditions.  The capacities also assume that the base plates and the bracing are of adequate strength and that all other parts of the rack have been properly designed.  All values are for undamaged racks that are installed plumb.  It is the rack user’s responsibility to properly maintain the racks to ensure that the carrying capacity of the racks is not reduced by damage and that any changes to the rack configuration do not cause an unsafe condition.

Frame capacities are based on the unsupported length, which is the measurement of the distance between the floor and the top of the first beam or the maximum spacing between beams, whichever governs.

Capacities do not take seismic, wind or other lateral forces into consideration.

Upright frames have to be anchored with at least one anchor bolt in each post and require a minimum concrete floor strength of 3,000 PSI for the maximum loads.

Contact the Unarco Springfield Office for any of the following conditions:

  • Any application where the frame load exceeds 31,000 lbs.  These frames may need larger base plates or heavier bracing.
  • Any application that requires seismic design where the design ground acceleration Ss exceeds 25%g in IBC areas.
  • Configurations that require a frame deeper than 60 inches or higher than 40 feet.
  • Applications that involve support platforms or catwalks or any application other than normal pallet rack.
  • Any single row where the height-to-depth ratio exceeds 6 to 1.  These must be checked for anchorage against overturning.
  • Any condition which creates uncertainty as to the proper use of these tables.

Column protection is recommended for uprights subjected to potential column abuse from lift trucks.

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