ECO-Gray Paint

  ECO-Gray – Earth Friendly Paint


UNARCO introduces a “GREEN” option for paint that can also save money.  ECO-Gray is a new color made from Class-A reclaimed powder that is earth-friendly.  In partnership with  our paint vendor, UNARCO has created a color from recycled powder coat paint from various industries which helps keep powder residue from landfills and saves energy used to process new paint.

ECO-Gray is comprised of 95% recycled product from superior quality formulations and refined into a durable paint with excellent coverage. ECO-Gray has a slight texture and is available for coverage on roll-formed or structural material.  UNARCO plants in Texas and Tennessee have ECO-Gray as an immediate option.

During its manufacturing, the reclaimed powder used in ECO-Gray is homogeneously blended prior to extrusion for uniformity, with appropriate pigments added to ensure compliance within color parameters.  The final product passes the same tests as all UNARCO high-quality powder coat paints including tests for adhesion and wear.

Unlike many green initiatives, which end up costing the customer more, ECO-Gray is available for the same price as standard colors or even less, depending on the quantity of racking ordered.  Finally a green, environmentally friendly option that can save you money while keeping thousands of pounds of processed powder out of landfills, as well as saving the fuel needed in transport.

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