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Cantilever Rack Specifications


Flexible Design – UNARCO cantilever rack provides a wide selection of cantilever column heights up to 48 feet.  Columns are constructed from high strength steel.

Vertical Load Clearance – Tapered cantilever arms are designed to compensate for deflection and are available up to 100″ in length.

Double Capacity – Cantilever rack columns are pre-punched on both sides for conversion from a single-sided cantilever rack unit to a double-sided unit.

Cantilever Rack for Pipe Storage

UNARCO cantilever rack includes a list of accessories to store virtually any item with no interference from vertical members.

LoaCompensation – Tapered cantilever rack columns compensate for column deflection even at 48 feet.

Adaptability – Cantilever rack arms can be easily adjusted in 3 inch increments along the height of the cantilever columns facilitating easily height adjustments.  UNARCO’s patented Key-Wedge Pin Connector secures the arms to hold loads.

Boltless Connection –  UNARCO Cantilever rack column is fully welded to provide a rigid, stable base connection.

UNARCO’s cantilever is both versatile and durable.  The welded one piece column and base makes assembly a snap.  Cantilever arms are locked into the column before the entire system is lifted into the up position and installed in its storage location.

Cantilever rack is designed for single and double sided column use.  Cantilever columns are pre-punched on both sides for conversion from single-sided to double-sided layouts.  UNARCO cantilever rack is perfect for furniture storagelumber storage, carpet storage, pipe storage and other long length products.

Additional accessories for pipe storage or lumber storage include pipe trays and lumber poles to hold product on cantilever arms.  For furniture storage decking and brackets can be added for a secure furniture platform.  UNARCO also manufactures cantilever guide rail systems for narrow aisle operation.  Whatever your cantilever rack storage need, UNARCO can design a perfect shelving storage idea to improve your productivity and warehouse efficiency.

For more photos of cantilever racking view UNARCO Cantilever Rack Photos.

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