Carton Flow Rack


UPICK Knock-Down Carton Flow

UPICK Knock Down

KPICK Kingway Style Carton Flow

KPICK – Kingway Welded

RhinoTrac Carton Flow Lane

RhinoTrac Heavy-Duty

RhinoDeck Light Duty Carton Flow

RhinoDeck Light-Duty

DuraFlo Carton Flow

Dura-Flo Heavy-Duty

D2 Medium Duty Carton Flow Lanes - CSS

Dura-Flo D2 Light-Duty

Carton Trax Carton Flow Lanes

Carton Trax

Carton Flow for Structural Rack

Structural Rack Brackets

Product Feeds To Picking Position by Gravity Flow

Carton Flow Rack  systems for every size warehouse and every price range are gravity-driven and perfect for applications with numerous SKUs.  Inventory rotation is ensured with First-In/First-Out presentation basis.  Separating the loading aisle from the retrieval aisle allows pickers to operate more efficiently.  Carton Flow Rack uses sloped shelves to improve visibility and order accuracy and is the perfect answer for split case or piece picking.  Other carton flow rack options, such as impact decks and intermediate supports, can help guard against warehouse abuse and prolong system longevity. Carton Flow Rack can be integrated with conveyors and other warehouse storage solutions to create functional pick modules and picking efficiency.

UNARCO manufactures many types of carton flow rack –  traditional snap-in roller track including UPICK knock-down design, KPICK (Kingway carton flow rack) welded shelves or RhinoTrac full-width lay in roller units and Concentric Storage Systems, CSS, DuraFlo and D2 carton flow lanes.

Carton Flow Rack - DuraFlo CSS

The modular UPICK system makes shipping and installation of even the most complex modules simple.  Carton Trax steel axle carton flow lanes install easily and are available on 3″ centers.  Interchangeable front/rear assemblies and side members make ordering and installation less confusing.  Vertical 1-1/2″ shelf adjustability allows for configuration ease and system versatility.

RhinoTrac Full-Width Carton Flow Roller Conveyor is a more durable solution than traditional carton flow for warehouses with heavy product traffic. Pre-assembled flow lanes with integrated supports simply lay into the rack and rest on the beams.

RhinoDeck is an option for lighter duty product or as a retrofit for existing Carton Flow Rack  installations.

Carton Flow Rack can dramatically improve warehouse efficiency by organizing product and rotating stock automatically.  Long, straight, dedicated lanes maintain product organization and keep labor costs down.  Storage space can be increased up to 60% by using a minimum of 22% less floor space, thereby keeping building costs down.

Typically, Carton Flow Rack Systems use about half the floor space that standard pallet rack and the difference can be more dramatic with multi-level systems.  The simplicity of gravity driven systems requires less capital than maintenance-prone automated systems.

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