Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Solutions



Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

If you want a cost-effective, entry-level pallet flow option, metal skate wheel pallet flow is the answer.  For 2 deep or 3 deep pallet flow applications, metal skate wheels can offer an economical gravity flow solution to flow pallets.

UNARCO metal skate wheels can be configured with single, in-line wheel configurations or staggered wheels to offer better pallet support.  These systems are lighter-duty and do not offer the more costly braking mechanisms of plastic wheel or wide-roller pallet flow options.

Metal skate wheels can be arranged on 1.5″, 2″, or 3″ centers depending on the weight of pallet loads.  Each wheel is 1.9″ in diameter and is a very durable alternative to get pallets of 3,000 lbs. or less to the aisle for picking.

Wheel capacities for in-line flow options have a capacity of 100 lbs. per wheel and are the perfect solution for lighter pallet loads.

Not every warehouse needs to flow 10 or more pallets deep, and sometimes the simplest solution is also the most affordable.  The addition of economical metal skate wheel pallet flow can help by removing one aisle and increase storage space 20%.

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow - Staggered and Inline Versions

System Highlights:

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow is a time-tested design for durable and reliable pallet flow in operations of 3 pallets deep or less.

  • Zinc finish works in any environment and is resistant to rust

  • Assemblies include 1.5″, 2″, or 3″ centers 

  • Cost-effective solution for simple pallet flow

  • Inclined shelves and pitch control pallet flow speed

  • Durable metal wheels hold up to pallet abuse

UNARCO metal skate wheel lanes fit into nearly any manufacturer's pallet racking to make conversion of your current warehouse a very affordable option. Pre-installed, sturdy, metal end stops help keep pallets at the picking position.

For more photos of Pallet Flow Systems, view the UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Photo Gallery.

For heavier pallets, the metal skate wheel lanes can be arranged in a staggered formation to also offer more pallet support and better flow. Lanes can be arranged to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes.  Anti-backup devices can also be installed for lanes that are 3 pallets deep.

Steel wheels create a durable pallet flow system that can accommodate nearly any pallet size and work in any major manufacturers' pallet rack.  Metal skate wheels provide a low-maintenance system that keeps pallets moving towards the picking position.

Pallets of 3,000 pounds or less work best with metal skate wheels and UNARCO experts can help you design the most cost-effective solution for an existing rack system.  Let our engineers create a new system that is suited to your specific pallet sizes and conditions.

If you are looking for a cost effective option, metal skate wheels can help improve warehouse efficiency with gravity flow.  For deeper, more complex pallet flow systems, plastic wheel flow lanes with in-line braking to control speed and control flow are also offered.

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