Push Back Rack Solutions

Storage Problem:

Less Expensive Pallet Gravity Flow

UNARCO Push Back Rack systems are the perfect solution to flow pallets with gravity to the picking position very affordably.  Compared to elaborate pallet flow systems, push back rack can offer a very cost-effective way to get pallets to the aisle automatically with the use of only gravity.

For simple systems that are up to 6 deep with the same general size pallets, push back rack offers a fairly inexpensive way to consolidate pallets into deeper storage and avoid multiple aisles.

Push Back Systems are available in roll-formed or structural pallet rack and can even be used in freezers and coolers.  The use of pallets placed on a series of nesting carts move forward on structural rails with only the use of gravity.

Inclined rails allow gravity to move the carts forward to the picking position as each cart behind it is removed. Welded steel carts each have four fully-sealed, lubricated wheels and will support pallets up to 2,500 lbs. each.

Push Back Rack is a more versatile storage option than Drive-In rack although slightly more expensive, it allows each lane to flow independently and lift truck drivers do not have to maneuver forklifts inside the rack.

UNARCO engineering  has many cart designs for special, non-standard pallets. For more photos of Push Back Rack, view the UNARCO Push Back Rack Photo Gallery.


Push Back Rack Up Close


Push Back Rack Cart System


How Push Back Rack Works


Push Back Rack Density

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Push Back can even be engineered for special pallet designs or containers to create a perfect solution for hard to flow items.  Easy installation of rail and cart systems because of UNARCO's refined cart designs can be adapted to existing pallet rack or engineered to replace poorly-performing pallet flow lanes.

System Highlights:

Push Back Rack offers a gravity-fed solution to get pallets to the picking position safely and automatically for forklift drivers..

  • Low-Profile nesting carts for more storage area

  • Rubber bumpers stop carts smoothly at picking position

  • LIFO - Last-In-First-Out Stock Rotation

  • Sealed bearings provide smooth pallet flow

  • Carts can be color-coded to help drivers visually

Every UNARCO Push Back Rack system offers easy selection of pallets right from the aisle to help keep product from being damaged.  In addition, because of automatic gravity flow, Push Back Rack has less pallet rack damage because drivers never enter the racking bays.  With a maximum load of up to 2,500 lbs per pallet and storage of up to six deep, push back solves the storage problem of dense storage affordably and reliably.

Pitch can be adjusted by moving rear beams higher to increase the slope.

For more photos of Push Back systems, view the UNARCO Push Back Rack Photo Gallery.

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