Recycle Steel, Recycle Paper, Recycle Paint, Recycle Everything



MATERIALS – Environmentally Friendly – Recycle

All steel component parts are made from a minimum of 50% recycled material, depending on vendor source.

Parts are powder coated to reduce environmentally unsafe airborne chemicals and hazardous waste and paint granules are recycled.

TECHNOLOGY – Thinking about the Environment

Unarco uses a preferred “Paper Free” document system.  Electronic document and file storage keeps thousands of pounds of paper out of file cabinets by maintaining accounting and plant records on servers rather than paper.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been invested in systems and software to promote preferred methods of billing, order reception and payment which require no paper or mailing.  EDI transmissions, fax-to-email servers, wire transfers and ACH are used to reduce mailed content and printed paper.

AIR QUALITY – Protecting the Environment

Unarco is very active in environmental protection and the safe handling of waste and the resourceful use of energy.   Unarco has won multiple environmental and community awards from state and national organizations. The State of Tennessee recognized Unarco with the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Hazardous Waste Management.

Unarco was the first in the state to receive an operating permit under Title V Air Quality Standards.  Many dollars in capital expenditures have been devoted to air quality systems.

RECYCLING  – Good for the Environment

Nearly 20 million pounds of scrap metal and dunnage materials including wooden pallets and metal banding are separated and recycled each year to help the environment.

Chemicals and solvents are reclaimed and later sent off for fuel re-blending to keep them out of the environment. RECYCLE

Powder coat paint granules are reclaimed and recycled back into the lines with an overall efficiency of 95% utilization so they never touch the environment. RECYCLE

Unarco has joined with the University of Tennessee to determine whether powder paint waste granules can be re-used to enhance microbial activity in soil and other experiments to save the environment. RECYCLE

New colors are being developed from waste powder paint with particles too small to reclaim and use.  These small particles can be blended into a special color instead of ending up in the land fill thus harming the environment. RECYCLE

All computer equipment, electronics, cellular phones, batteries and supplies are recycled.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Saving Energy – Saving the Environment

Energy consumption is carefully monitored and controlled to reduce waste during manufacturing.  Unarco is exploring alternative energy sources for controlling air temperature and quality within all plants.  UNARCO teams with local municipalities to help the Environment.

Recent experimentation has begun on paint curing times in ovens and the association with chemical composition of paints.  Paint formulation is being adjusted to help conserve energy in ovens.