KPick Carton Flow

Welded Carton Flow Rack Shelves

UNARCO’s KPICK, Kingway Carton Flow Design system is a welded shelf carton flow rack system that installs easily on-site with no special tools.  Due to the KPICK design, installation is a snap. Complete carton flow shelf units drop into place with a sturdy clip and carton flow tracks snap in to form lanes that fit your carton sizes.

The KPICK Kingway carton flow system is very versatile and shelves adjust in 2″ increments. This flexibility allows you to reconfigure your carton flow rack system as SKU sizes change or are added and deleted.

There are no electrical parts to fail with the KPICK – Kingway carton flow design because it is powered by gravity. Loads flow automatically down the sloped shelves to the pick position. As one carton is removed, another flows forward to the front to fill the empty space. The separation of a pick aisle and a loading aisle is beneficial to warehouse efficiency.

Single-level carton flow rack systems can be engineered to effectively separate fast-moving and slow-moving stock units. Multi-level pick module systems can be used to maximize floor space as it is often more sensible to expand vertically.

UNARCO offers a variety of drop-in lanes for any carton flow application, including the Dura-Flo D2 continuous bed of rollers and RhinoDeck aluminum full-width roller carton flow.

KPICK – Kingway carton flow rack design ships as a completely welded shelf which drops into any carton flow system with special clips.
KPICK – Kingway carton flow rack design ships as a completely welded shelf which drops into any carton flow system with special clips.

System Highlights:

UNARCO KPICK - Kingway style carton flow is a welded shelf assembly for easy installation.

  • Welded construction arrives on-site already assembled and installs quickly

  • Shelves are depth and length specific to the pallet rack bay

  • Perfect solution for multi-level pick modules

  • Front, aisle-facing shelf allows for label mount

  • Shelves can be angled back for full picking view

The benefits of the KPICK shelving system is ease of installation. An engineered design arrives at the jobsite fully assembled and installed in no time. UNARCO Engineering can help design sizes for depth and width of shelves to fit into the pallet rack and the sturdy construction will work in your carton flow application for years to come.

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KPICK - Kingway - UNARCO Carton Flow

The time-tested Kingway carton flow design can put gravity flow to work for you on any level when combined with UNARCO’s 60 years of engineering experience.

For more photos of KPICK - Kingway carton flow rack, view the UNARCO Carton Flow Rack Photo Gallery.

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