Cantilever Rack Solutions

Storage Problem:

Retrieval of Long-Length Items

Want To Store Long Items Flat? Cantilever Rack Solves This.

Pick Faster With Less Damage!

UNARCO's Cantilever Racking system is the answer!  It makes storage of lumber, pipe, or furniture easier; and operator selection and picking faster.  Hard to store items that are often damaged when trying to place on traditional shelving or pallet rack become less-problematic because cantilever rack is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion without any vertical interference.  The entire product length is accessible from the front without any of the horizontal restrictions of traditional pallet rack.

Utilize the entire length of the cantilever rack to store items, even when the loads have varying lengths.  This will not only add flexibility for storage, but also helps stop damage when placing loads and removing them.

Items of all lengths may even be stored on the same level, and shelving heights can adapt as your product changes.  Arms adjust easily and incrementally up the column.  For additional flexibility, single-sided cantilever rack can easily be converted to a double-sided cantilever racking system to double the storage area.  Please consult UNARCO Engineers to help with this re-design.

UNARCO cantilever rack is ideal for long or heavy items such as pipe, tubing, lumber, furniture, or carpet.  Forklift operation is much easier and requires far less maneuvering around vertical or horizontal obstructions.

Cantilever Rack Aisle in Warehoues

Cantilever Rack Specs

Cantilever Covered Lumber Storage

Lumber Rack Cantilever

Furniture Cantilever Side View

Furniture Rack Cantilever


Cantilever Rack Photos

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Designed for your product with custom options, including optional material trays for bar and cylindrical stock.  Use trays for cut stock storage or easy to grab pieces.

UNARCO roll-formed cantilever designs use heavy-gauge arms to hold loads securely and adjust as your product sizes change.  Special wedge-type connectors make these adjustments fast and easy.

System Highlights:

Unique Key-wedge Pin Connectors  assemble easily and remain in place even in the most demanding warehouse operations.

  • Wedge-Pin connectors for cantilever arms install fast and stay installed

  • Pin connectors are stronger than traditional bolts

  • No need for washers and nuts and miscellaneous hardware

  • Tight connection of arms allows cantilever column to stay rigid as product is loaded and unloaded. 

  • Easy expansion as product sizes change to move arms up or down on 3" centers

Adjustable arms and the wide open expanse of cantilever racking allows for easy placement and full-view of all items stored for easy product picking.

For more photos of Cantilever systems view UNARCO Cantilever Photo Gallery.

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