Dura-Flex™ Carton Flow

Heavy-Duty Construction with Continuous Roller-Bed for Carton Flow

Dura-Flex™ Carton Flow pre-assembled tracks are designed to drop into virtually any manufacturer’s pallet rack or carton flow system without special tools. The continuous wheel bed allows warehouse and distribution center operations to achieve 90% space utilization. A solid bed of wheels provides maximum flexibility for carton size and mix without carton flow shelving system component changes.

Dura-Flex™ can lower your carton flow maintenance costs because it is constructed of heavy-duty materials. Sturdy side-support C-channels carry heavier cartons and stand up to even the most active carton flow operations. The 1.9″ diameter wheels provide more surface area for superior package support. Wheels are easily replaced with spring-loaded axles and snap right into place with no tools required. Dura-Flex™ is built for continuous carton flow and years of longevity.

  • Universal connectors on both ends of the carton flow rails mount on most roll-formed or structural rack beams without special tools.

  • Ultimate flexibility – easily substitute inventory without changing your specific carton flow components.

  • Virtually no hang-ups of product with CSS exclusive Freewheeler technology.

  • Manufactured for wash-down applications.

  • Freewheeler 1.9″ diameter x 1.00″ wide wheels provide more surface area and better carton support.

  • Special lubrication-coated axles provide smooth carton flow rails designed for no hang-ups.

  • No tools needed for wheel assembly replacement; easily snap spring-loaded axles on carton flow rails into place.

  • Entry and exit brackets mount to high or low configurations.

  • Superior strength C-channels for carton flow wheel bed support.

Dura-Flow carton flow sloped shelves
Dura-Flex Full-Bed Roller Conveyor Carton Flow Sloped Shelves
Adjustable end bracket rests in step of pallet rack beam
Dura-Flex Standard Adjustable End Bracket

System Highlights:

Dura-Flex Carton Flow pre-assembled tracks will fit any existing pallet rack system and easily drop into place in minutes.

  • Full-bed of continuous rollers for reliable flow

  • Maximizes shelf space with no individual lanes

  • 1.9" diameter wheels for maximum rolling surface

  • High-strength wheels can be used in any environment

  • Specially designed C-channels provide higher capacities

A continuous bed of rollers means that there is no need to reconfigure carton flow shelves when box sizes or product changes. No individual lanes means that any size carton will flow forward anywhere on the shelf. Lane indexers and entry guides can be snapped onto the lanes, if needed. For a complete product flow lane that comes ready to drop right into your pallet rack carton flow shelf, choose UNARCO.

For more photos of Carton Flow systems, view the UNARCO Carton Flow Photo Gallery.

Carton Flow Lanes Fit any Rack Manufacturer

UNARCO and CSS carton flow systems work with any rack manufacturer by incorporating universal entry and exit brackets which mount to carton flow rack, pallet racking, or even structural racking systems. For lighter loads, choose Dura-Flo D2™ light- to medium-duty carton flow with the same full-bed roller configuration using 1.1″ diameter wheels that are 1.4″ wide.

For more photos of Carton Flow Rack Systems, view the UNARCO Carton Flow Photo Gallery.

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