Pallet Rack


Interchangeable Pallet Rack

Interchangeable Rack

T-Bolt Bolted Pallet Rack

T-Bolt Bolted Rack

Structural Bolted Pallet Rack

Structural Bolted Rack

Structural Interchangeable Pallet Rack

Hybrid Interchangeable

Roll-Formed and Structural Pallet Rack Options

UNARCO manufactures Roll-Formed Pallet Rack and Structural Rack to fit any warehouse storage requirement from engineered pick modules to simple Selective Pallet Rack installations. Because there are thousands of warehouse storage system applications, UNARCO Pallet Racking is available in a wide range of shapes and gauges with a variety of patented connections.

Uprights are manufactured in both open and closed post options; roll-formed, C-shape posts or SuperPost closed-tube posts for added durability and additional capacity. Industry standard Interchangeable Rack is made to fit all manufacturers’ Teardrop style connections and is available in roll-formed or structural rack options. For bolted warehouse options, UNARCO manufactures T-Bolt pallet rack with easy assembly using a front-end installation. All welded construction uprights and beams are compliant with the latest RMI specifications and ANSI standards and because every warehouse storage need is not the same, UNARCO has more options than anyone else in the rack industry.

Interchangeable: Fits all major manufacturers’ Teardrop Interchangeable Rack with patented beam connections including the Gravity Lock and Push Lock, automatic plunger style. Adjustable on 2″ centers.

T-Bolt: Patented T-Bolt Pallet Rack beam to frame connections allow for the easiest bolted installation available without having to reach inside the column. Adjustable on 3″ vertical centers.

Structural: Structural steel C-Channel uprights and beams connect in a wide range of sizes for added toughness and rigidity with both bolted and automatic-locking connections.

Hybrid: Structural Steel uprights paired with roll-formed beams create a cost-effective warehouse solution. C-channel posts are manufactured with teardrop punching to allow automatic locking connectors on either roll-formed or structural beams for a non-bolted connection.

Pallet Rack for Warehouse Storage

UNARCO has Pallet Rack options for every size warehouse or distribution center

Modernized equipment with automatic and robotic welding and AWS certified welders ensure adherence to manufacturing tolerances to help ease installation worries. All pallet rack components are powder-coated on a state-of-the-art, automated powder paint lines for a long-lasting, durable finish.

UNARCO manufactures a broad product line turning pallet rack into Carton Flow Rack, Pallet Flow Rack, Push Back Rack or Drive-In Rack Regardless of your requirement, UNARCO pallet storage racks can lower your distribution costs and become your single source for all material handling solutions.

For added durability in tough warehouse storage applications, UNARCO manufactures racking durability add-on accessories such as column protectors and end of aisle guards.
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