Interchangeable Uprights


Interchangeable pallet racking  roll-formed upright columns are the sturdiest and most versatile in the industry; sturdy miter-cut bracing attached to the column helps prevent twisting and allows for a wider bracing section. Interchangeable pallet racking  uprights are available in a large range of sizes and capacities to fit any warehouse need.

Computerized mills insure that tolerances on all interchangeable pallet racking uprights are precise and install with ease. The teardrop punching will accept most industry-standard Interchangeable pallet racking beams and can be manufactured with or without side holes.  These side holes can facilitate bolting beams, row spacer installation or attachment of accessories to help store or display awkward product.

Interchangeable Pallet Racking Upright Sizes

UNARCO Interchangeable pallet racking upright sizes range from 3 x 1-5/8″ to 4×3 and come in a variety of open and closed tube post sections.

The SuperPost closed-tube upright offers 30%-40% greater load capacities than same gauge open back design Interchangeable pallet racking uprights and over 200 times more resistance to torsional forces. Frontal impact resistance from the SuperPost upright is five times more resilient than structural columns. In addition to their added strength, they offer a clean solution with no areas to trap dust and debris.  A closed post upright solution is a safer and often more affordable answer to capacity needs and damage resistance requirements.

For the most difficult warehouse designs, UNARCO offers damage-resistant Interchangeable pallet racking add-ons to uprights to help guard against abuse. Integrated options such as Double Column uprights which provide an additional backer or Front Straddle Protectors offer added protection against accidental forklift impact.

Column Protectors can attach to uprights on-site and provide resistance in a number of designs. The ultimate in resistance comes from UNARCO’s patented, Wood-Filled Column which adds a specially tapered wooden insert to help absorb impact and limit column damage. It is a pre-installed, cost-effective answer to help limit rack abuse.

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