Interchangeable Punching Options


Interchangeable Pallet Racking Uprights with Side Punching

UNARCO Interchangeable pallet racking uprights can be punched with holes on 2″ vertical centers for attaching durability add-ons or accessories or the UPICK slotted side punching for ease of installing carton flow rack shelves.

UNARCO’s Interchangeable pallet racking can be punched to meet your requirements. Square side holes, 2” on center can be added to bolt on beams or row spacers and add any number of interchangeable pallet racking accessories to assist warehouse storage.

UNARCO’s versatile L-Rail system of intermediate shelves can be added to these side holes, creating additional shelves within a bay for cartons or piece product in warehouse storage or a retail store environment.

UPICK punching is also available to snap carton flow shelves into your interchangeable pallet racking system, eliminating the need for drilling.  These slotted holes are on 1-1/2” vertical centers accept shelf clips which easily attach side members and require no tools or drilling.  UPICK uprights for interchangeable pallet racking with slotted side holes allow carton flow rack shelves to be moved as quickly as your product and warehouse storage needs change.

Side-hole punching options are available in both the open-section upright or the SuperPost closed-tube interchangeable pallet racking uprights.  Attaching pallet rack accessories with a closed tube post can be difficult because you cannot reach inside the pallet rack upright.  With side punching these accessories and pallet rack add-ons can be designed to bolt through side holes.

The same beam locking devices and beam profiles available for all Interchangeable pallet racking options will work with uprights with side punching.

Only Interchangeable pallet racking uprights are available with the 2″ on center punching for attachment of accessories and durability add-ons.  View UNARCO capacity charts to compare pallet racking upright capacities available.

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