Vertical Post Dividers

VERTICAL POST DIVIDER – Bay Separation for Pallet Rack

UNARCO’s Vertical Post Divider (VPD) pallet rack system, sometimes called Add-A-Post or Versa Rack,  is the most flexible way to accommodate a bay with different SKU sizes.  An intermediate post divider can be added in the same bay to store the product efficiently rather than waste extra space between beams.  The vertical product that must be stored beside pallets or SKU’s of a less uniform size use the Vertical Post Divider to separate a retail rack bay.

Vertical Post Divider separates a bay into efficient compartments

UNARCO’s Vertical Post Divider System, often called Versa Rack or Add-A-Post, or VPD – divides a bay into usable space

Sometimes certain SKU adjacencies need to be maintained to insure efficient retail picking.  The Vertical Post Divider System allows those products to rest in the same bay, side by side without compromising space because of the adjacency.

Pallet rack systems are versatile and tabs on side rails (L-Rails) can be relocated by lifting them up and moving the shelf on 2″ vertical centers. A plywood sheet or 2×4 deck placed on top of the two rails creates a shelf that runs the full depth of the rack creating a truly versatile retail accessory that can change as your product need change.

Vertical posts can also be used to divide long product that is stored using the full depth of the pallet rack. Vertical Posts Dividers are less than 1″ wide to help increase storage space and are held in place with tek screws.

Whatever the storage need, the Vertical Post System efficiently creates a bay that will accommodate more SKU’s within standard pallet rack and is easily modified as your needs change.

UNARCO vetical post dividers will work with most RMI manufacturer’s Interchangeable Pallet Rack and other Versa Rack, Add-A-Post and Add-A-Shelf systems for dividing a bay of pallet rack.

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