Product Separation Retail Fixtures


Utilizing UNARCO’s retail pallet rack fixtures Vertical Post System concept, vertical items can be stood within the bay while boxed items are stored on shelves beside them. When used in bays where the majority of the bay is boxes and only one SKU of bulky items needs adjacency with the product, storage efficiency can be increased by as much as 50%.

Retail Pallet Rack Fixture - Bay Utilization

Bulk product can be stored in the same bay as cartons and boxes using the Vertical Post Divider and L-Rail Retail Shelf system

Retail pallet rack fixtures can turn a complicated layout where carton sizes are not uniform or product is no longer in a box or on a pallet into an efficient space for displaying multiple SKUs.  Retail pallet rack fixtures and the Vertical Post System will help with applications where different sized product needs to be in close proximity with awkward shaped product of a different size.

L-Rail - Add-A-Shelf, Versa Shelf

L-Rail side members attach to side holes in the uprights with 2 tabs

Side shelves can be added to create versatile storage by placing a post in the front and rear of the bay and attaching it to beams above and below.  The side rails (L-Rails) rest in tabs on the post and attach either to another post or the upright on the other side. Rails can be moved vertically to position shelves as close together as necessary.

Valuable warehouse space can be maximized while increasing picking efficiency by having related items stored in the same bay no matter what their size or shape.

For more information on UNARCO Retail Pallet Rack Fixtures view the Retail Photo Gallery or the UNARCO Retail Rack Dictionary.