Retail Rack Accessories – Bulk


Long length items such as pipe or lumber can be organized using Cradles and other retail rack accessories stackable fixtures from UNARCO. Bulky, loose product is always a problem to keep organized. Lumber cradles are made of sturdy structural steel channel and are separate units combined to form a pair.  This allows any length or size to be accommodated.  Sturdy, thick steel base plates on either end of the cradle provide a solid footing that keeps items organized and stays in place.Items that had a tendency to spill over into the aisles of your warehouse can now be confined even after the bands are cut on the bundles or bunks.

Lumber/Pipe Cradles are adjustable to length

UNARCO Lumber Cradles and Pipe Cradles contain long length items to keep them from spilling into the aisles once the bands are cut.

UNARCO has retail rack accessories for pallet rack to secure any product no matter the size or weight.A yellow, rubber  cap can warn operators or shoppers that the post is present. Just another way that UNARCO retail rack accessories keep the shopper and co-workers in a safe retail environment.

These structural steel systems provide complete versatility as lengths change or to store multiple lengths of any item at one time.  Once the bands are cut the product is still contained so shoppers can easily pick.

Lumber cradles and other bulk item retail rack accessories are finding their way into distribution centers and warehouses to keep frequently picked sku’s and high moving product available.  Another option for storing long length items within the pallet rack are vertical retail storage solutions including M-Dividers, V-Dividers, Tool Holders and Vertical Post Dividers.

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