V-DIVIDERS – Retail Pallet Rack Vertical Divider

V-Dividers help store product vertically

V-Dividers are depth specific to the size of the pallet rack bay.

V-dividers separate large product such as windows, doors or bulky items can be stored vertically within a bay using pallet rack V-Dividers. A wide variety of sizes of V-dividers are available for any retail product need.  One-inch tubing is formed in the shape of a “V” to fill the depth of the bay and keep product stored vertically from falling over onto adjacent items.  These items can be separated individually or by SKU for organization.

V-Dividers have two brackets which fit over a pair of front and rear pallet rack beams, allowing the divider itself to hang below. The product rests against the “V” to maintain separation; bolts below the brackets secure them to the beam and keep them in place. This vertical storage separation is perfect for doors, windows and even mattress storage in pallet rack.

Sizes should be ordered based on the vertical length of the items being stored. At least one-third of the product height should rest against the divider. The depth of the bay will determine the V-Divider depth dimension.

Unlike M-Dividers or Tool Holders, V-Dividers do not require additional rear pallet rack beams.  The V-Divider hooks on the beams from the level above and is supported on both sides of the retail rack bay for sturdy separation.  Whether in a retail environment or in use for warehouse storage, the V-Divider keeps bulky items upright and separate.

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