M-dividers help keep impossible SKU’s organized. Bulky product such as windows, doors or lengthy items can be kept within a bay using pallet rack M-Dividers. A wide variety of M-divider sizes are available for any product need. M-dividers are made of 3/8″ wire or 1″ tubing and formed in the shape of an “M” and are used to keep vertical product from falling over.  M-dividers handle doors and windows which can be separated and stored by SKU – likewise pipe and conduit use M-dividers for vertical storage utilizing the depth of the racking system.

M-Divider SKU Separation for Pipe, Windows, & Door Storage

M-Dividers are available in 3/8″ wire or 1″ tube to meet any product storage requirement

M-Dividers will have two or three brackets, depending on the height ordered, which attach to rear beams and extend the M-divider outward towards the front of the bay. The front edges are rounded and leave no sharp edges extending into the aisles for added retail safety.  Orders can be placed for M-dividers that will accommodate bays of any depth.  It should be noted that the measurement of M-dividers are from the face of  the bracket and sizes should be ordered  with a depth less than the upright so the M-divider does not protrude into the aisle. For example, if the upright depth is 42″, the most common practice would be to use a 36″ M-divider.

M-dividers are formed with 3/8″ wire for product such as millwork that is tall, but lightweight. For heavier items, 1″ tubing provides a strong side support for retail product division. In special circumstances involving extremely bulky SKUs, 2″ wire can be formed for a heavy-duty M-divider solution.

M-Dividers let product store vertically to help maximize retail rack bay space and increase layout efficiency.  UNARCO offers other options for vertical separation within a retail rack bay including V-Dividers, Tool Holders and Vertical Post Dividers.

For more information on M-dividers and other retail rack accessories view the Retail Dictionary and Retail Product Photo Gallery.