Protect Your Warehouse with Pallet Rack Safety Add-ons

Any pallet racking system is a big investment, and to protect that investment, UNARCO makes a wide variety of column protectors, end-of-aisle guards, and other items to help protect against forklift abuse. Our Engineers are also helpful for safety netting and fire protection help with local and national building codes, fire and safety inspections, and making your warehouse operational. 

Column Protectors

Forklift traffic is in every warehouse and driver abuse and impact on pallet rack is inevitable.  Protect your racking system with bolt-on or anchored column protectors that deflect forks and help stop impact into lower levels of racking.  UNARCO has versions that will work with any manufacturers' rack and any style of column.

Bolted straddle protectors, side bolt options for racking with side punching, and anchored versions that wrap completely around your post are all part of the options that can be shipped to your warehouse to get help extend the life of your pallet rack.

End-of-Aisle Guards

Protect your entire run at each end with a UNARCO End-of-Aisle Guard. Options that bolt right to the pallet rack or anchor to the floor are available and offer superior protection against forklifts and other vehicle impact.

Increase the life of your racking without replacing damaged posts and column legs, while keeping workers safe from the threat of a rack collapsing.

Pallet Rack Protection

At the manufacturing phase, UNARCO can weld straddle protectors, angle deflectors, and insert structural impact reinforcement inside the frame. The options are unlimited because forklift impact is an everyday occurrence in any warehouse or distribution center.

If your pallet rack is already out in the field, UNARCO can add upright protection to existing warehouse pallet rack structures. Many options simply bolt onto the rack for a quick install that is as simple as tightening a bolt.

View more photos of Pallet Rack Protection Accessories in the UNARCO Pallet Rack Accessories Systems Photo Gallery.

System Highlights:

Pallet Rack must be surrounded by a safe environment for workers. UNARCO has the experience and expertise to help keep your pallet rack protected and your warehouse safe.

  • Bolted and welded versions of column protectors

  • Anchored and bolt-on options for End-of-Aisle Guards

  • Pallet rack safety netting

  • Fire Baffles and in-rack sprinkler mounts

  • Custom load plaques to make sure forklift drivers know how much shelves can hold

Pallet rack safety is important for every Warehouse Manager.  Products from UNARCO can help protect the racking from collapse and keep product on the shelves where it belongs.  Our Engineers work with building and fire safety codes and incorporate fire baffles and in-rack sprinkler options to keep heads and pipes from damage.  Safety netting can be added to the back of the rack or bottom of the beams to keep product on the pallets where it belongs.  Let us help you make your distribution center a safer place.

For more photos of Pallet Rack Accessories view the UNARCO Pallet Rack Accessories Photo Gallery.