Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Safety netting systems are used in retail and distribution facilities to protect stock from falling and injuring workers or customers below.  Safety netting offers a vertical or horizontal barrier for flue spaces or single runs of pallet rack where product is stored. Typically a custom solution is designed for accurate fit within the pallet rack.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting Protection

Safety netting attached to pallet rack contains falling product in warehouses

There are many warehouse uses for safety netting which attaches directly to the racking with the use of zip ties, brackets and eye bolts and carabiners.  Installation is easy and adaptable brackets can be manufactured for custom applications.  Many retail applications require safety netting at upper level in aisles to protect customers from poorly placed pallets of loose items.

Safety netting is not just used behind the pallet rack, but can also be designed for horizontal applications which include netting under pallet flow lanes in pick modules and under carton flow systems to catch boxes.

Safety Netting Attachment

Many attachment methods are available which extend netting beyond pallet rack.

Safety netting has a rope border for reinforcement and a very high tensile strength that will stop product to help prevent injuries that can occur in walkways and work areas and pallet rack end caps.   Installed netting also protects inventory and reduces costly work place clean-up from falling product.

Pallet rack safety nets come in rolls with zip ties and all attachment hardware. Installation on your pallet rack is easy and fast whether installed in the flue space or behind a single run.  More and more building codes are calling for safety protection from stored items.  Let UNARCO design a netting application to help your warehouse stay safe and up to code.