Pick Module Integration


Distribution Center Engineered Systems Integration

UNARCO pick modules comprise some of the most highly engineered rack systems in the country.  UNARCO has worked with integrators to engineer massive distribution centers where dynamic pallet rack systems support miles of conveyor and SKUs movement from pallet to carton to piece.

Integration includes Carton FlowPush Back Rack and Pallet Flow aPick Module Conveyor Systems well as other storage solution ideas all woven together for optimal warehouse efficiency.  Pick Module engineered designs flow product from the receiving door at a distribution center to the shipping door with order picking accuracy,  The pick module allows for reduced levels of material handling because each platform becomes a multilevel order fulfillment center.

The multi-level platfrom use of gravity and dynamic pallet rack systems within the pick module to easily moves product to the picking position from the broken pallet and onto miles of conveyor and sortation systems.  UNARCO Pallet racking supports the hundreds of thousands of feet of conveyor and sortation devices within the pick module allowing product to flow through to shipment from the distribution center.  Each level becomes its own concentrated work center within the pick module and each conveyor lane sends product to the next stage or warehouse operation.

UNARCO has worked with nearly every integrator, consultant or conveyor manufacturer in the U.S. to integrate the pallet rack of pick modules into efficient order fulfillment operations.Patented UNARCO Integrated Stair System

The UNARCO stair system moves workers from  level to level and pallet racking supports conveyor and sortation systems which take broken pallets and broken carton to order fulfillment operations.  Every UNARCO engineered system pick module allows for dense pallet storage and accurate piece picking.

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