Manufacturing and Engineering Certifications

UNARCO plants are certified by many of the most stringent departments of building and safety in the country, in addition to the strict RMI compliance. Each UNARCO Material Handling, Inc., manufacturing facility has been certified by the city of Los Angeles and the Canadian CWB certification process.

UNARCO engineering has been certified by the Rack Manufacturers Institute and has a registered R-Mark certification. Independent sample tests were completed and certified for compliance. All UNARCO engineering software and design programs are RMI compliant calculations.

The staff roster includes engineers registered in all 50 states, CAD Specialists and Estimators that can quickly provide you with a durable design that is economical, and Regional Sales Staff to support a large network of trained pallet rack distributors covering the entire United States and provide quick turnaround on warehouse designs and pricing.

Building codes and regulations are updated frequently and the UNARCO team works closely with the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) and ANSI to help write and define new specifications. Let us help make sure your project is compliant with all local codes and seismic design criteria.

Pallet rack design must be site-specific and adhere to local and national building codes as well as soil and slab conditions. Be aware of the dangers of buying pallet rack that is not specifically designed for a building, with all of the site factors calculated into the design in accordance with the RMI. Only trust R-Mark registered pallet rack companies for your next project.

City of Los Angeles Certified
City of Los Angeles Certified

What is R-Mark?

In 1997, the RMI issued a new specification for storage racks (later updated to become the 2002 edition and more recently adopted by American National Standard ANSI MH 16.1-2004). Shortly thereafter, RMI created the R-Mark Certification Program as a way for storage rack users and customers to clearly identify that rack frame and beam capacities shown in a load table were calculated in accordance with the new standard.

They also established a way of identifying special projects that were designed in accordance with the new specification. To satisfy these requirements, the RMI developed a program by which any rack manufacturer—member or nonmember—could submit a standard set of data and information about their racks, testing information, and sample calculations for review.

The RMI facilitated the submittal of this information to two randomly selected, independent, pre-qualified, storage rack design engineers for their review and approval that the testing, calculations, and resulting component capacities were in accordance with the 1997 RMI Specification (since updated to the 2002 Edition and more recently adopted by American National Standard ANSI MH 16.1-2004).The RMI then issued a seal (the R-Mark) that the rack company can use on published capacity charts and, in conjunction with a Professional Engineer’s seal, on special designs to indicate that the components and design are in accordance with the RMI Specification.

UNARCO Material Handling, Inc., manufacturing facilities produce some of the finest pallet rack in the country combined with years of trusted Engineering and Project Management experience.



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