Wide-Roller Pallet Flow Solutions


Hard to Flow Plastic Pallets or Steel Containers

UNARCO manufactures wider-width, steel rollers to easily flow plastic pallets and steel containers which have uneven bottoms or extra load.  Standard pallet flow does not always create a stable solution for these storage containers. If you want a predictable rolling surface, no matter how difficult the pallet or container may be to roll, a full-width metal roller system is the answer.  Roller widths can be as long as 52" for full pallet support.

Permanently lubricated bearings provide reliable operation even in -40° F freezer environments.  UNARCO Engineers can create a tailored solution of pallet flow for an application and even offer testing for problem pallets to ensure your hard-to-flow pallet will gently end up at the picking position when your warehouse or distribution center is installed.

System Highlights:

Wide-Roller Pallet Flow Lanes are engineered for plastic pallets which do not flow well in traditional pallet flow lanes.

  • Load capacities up to 5,000 lbs.

  • Bearings are maintenance free

  • Heavy-Duty 1.9" diameter rollers on 2", 3" and 4" centers

  • Speed controllers can control the speed of pallets in deep lane systems

  • Available in narrow lanes engineered to support pallets at specific areas

Gravity cannot flow every pallet and some pallets or containers need more support and special engineering.  To get plastic pallets and steel containers to the picking position at the aisle, let UNARCO engineer wide-roller pallet flow solution for any product.  Even euro-style pallets can be moved reliably with pre-installed end stops to gently land each pallet at the picking position.

In-Line speed controlling brakes help keep pallet travel at a uniform speed and deliver them safely to the aisle.

For more photos of Pallet Flow Systems, view the UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Photo Gallery.

For loads from 50 lbs. up to 5,000 lbs., trust the UNARCO wide-roller pallet flow design to help minimize damage and maximize productivity. Fewer pallet hang-ups and more essential pallet flow.

Let gravity do the work and deliver your hard-to-roll containers to the aisle automatically.

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