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T-Bolt Pallet Rack System Installs Easily

UNARCO’s T-Bolt pallet rack system provides rigidity, strength, and reliability and is the easiest bolted pallet racking system to install. The patented T-Bolt offers a front-end-only connection which saves valuable racking installation time. The T-Bolt head simply inserts through the beam connector and column and a one-quarter turn of the T-Bolt locks it into place. With no need to reach inside the column, the nut is tightened from the front of the T-Bolt punched upright.


The patented T-Bolt pallet rack from UNARCO provides a rigid connection between the pallet rack beam and upright with the security of knowing your rack is installed properly with the bolt’s horizontal indicator line.

Combine the T-Bolt connection with the heavy-duty 4" x 3" closed-tube column design of UNARCO's SuperPost upright and Pick Modules, and the multi-level systems will become stronger with the T-Bolt rigid rack connection.

Use the T-Bolt connection with Infinitely Adjustable connectors for gravity flow products, such as Pallet Flow and Carton Flow, for easy installation of shelves that need proper pitch or are installed at a designated angle.

Installers all over the country are familiar with the patented T-Bolt design and ease of installation. It is not only the perfect solution for fastening beams to uprights, but also for attaching the many durability add-ons, accessories, and handrail systems with ease.

The T-Bolt features an easy-entry curved surface head and locking cams below. A horizontal engagement mark on the end allows users to easily identify that the racking is locked. When the line is horizontal, the T-Bolt pallet rack beam is locked in place. It is that simple.

When tightened to 90 foot-pounds of torque, the T-Bolt pallet rack connector eliminates the possibility of the beam accidentally disengaging. In fact, completed bays can be boxed on the ground and then raised as a unit to save installation time and lessen climbing. The extra rigidity that T-Bolts provide allows for greater elevation consistency and tighter tolerances throughout the pallet rack structure, helping insure long-term durability and system plumbness.

T-Bolt uprights are available in both the open section and the SuperPost closed tube with all-welded construction and UNARCO’s miter-cut bracing. The rigidity of the T-Bolt pallet rack connection also lends itself to extra deep applications, including Carton Flow Rack, Pallet Flow Rack, and Drive-In/Thru.

UNARCO can design a T-Bolt Pallet Rack System to meet any capacity or seismic requirements.

Manufacturing capabilities of continuous lengths of up to 40′ and splicing channels for taller systems make T-Bolt a smart answer to engineered systems or multi-level Pick Module projects.T Bolt Whiz Nut 1

T-Bolt and Whiz Nut Beam Hardware Easy Front-End Connection Installation Patented design for Pallet Rack 

System Highlights:

T-Bolt Pallet Rack is an industry standard because of its front-end only connection.

  • Available in open and closed-tube posts

  • Beams are adjustable on 3" vertical centers

  • Horizontal indicator line ensures tight connection

  • Extra rigidity of a bolted connection

  • Never reach into the rack with front-end only installation

UNARCO T-Bolt Pallet Rack is a long-standing patented design because of its easy installation. The "T" design of the bolt allows pallet rack installers to secure the nut to the bolt and then insert the head of the "T" into the column and beam connector from the aisle. Nuts are tightened from the front of the rack and the head of the T-Bolt rotates to form a snug horizontal block against beam disengagement.

For more photos of Pallet Rack systems, view the UNARCO Pallet Rack Photo Gallery.

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