T-Bolt Beam Connection

The Trusted T-Bolt Beam Connection

UNARCO T-Bolt Pallet Rack is available since some pallet rack systems require a bolted racking connection. Many engineers feel that bolts offer greater rigidity to a pallet rack system and some high-seismic areas require bolted connections.

T-Bolts may be removed and replaced, eliminating concerns regarding damage to safety locks as a result of accidental force. UNARCO offers many bolted connection pallet rack options for systems with special design considerations.

T-Bolt: Patented bolted connection, fast and economical installation time with front-end-only installation and an automatic cam-locking feature. T-Bolt pallet rack connections are available in a number of varieties and sizes to meet any design requirement.

Infinitely Adjustable Connection: Perfect for use in flow applications and modules when pitch is important. This T-Bolt connection allows the installer to vary the height of the beam up to 2” before tightening. A T-Bolt with a whiz nut connection secures the beam after adjustment.

Four-Hole Structural Connection: Four holes allow installers to bolt beams on uprights that are on 2” or 3” centers. Beams are attached with two bolts per connector.

T-Bolt pallet rack is available in standard open section uprights or SuperPost closed-tube upright columns. T-Bolt beams come in the same roll-formed shapes as UNARCO Interchangeable pallet rack. Whatever the rack capacity you need, UNARCO makes an upright and beam to maximize your warehouse storage budget.


System Highlights:

The T-Bolt Beam Connection is the most trusted bolted connection in the pallet rack industry.

  • Field tighten to 90 foot-pounds of torque

  • Grade 5 and zinc-plated

  • Adjustable on 3" centers

  • Whiz nut provides cam-locking feature

  • Use with Infinitely Adjustable Connectors to make sure flooring and stair supports are level

Trusted for decades, the T-Bolt locking connection is easy to install. Simply place the nut onto the T-Bolt and insert the "T" end into the upright column. Once you tighten the nut, make sure that the horizontal indicator line on the end of the T-Bolt is positioned correctly, and tighten to proper torque.

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Patented T-Bolt Connection

All UNARCO bolts are specified as Grade 5 with serrated hex flange nuts for tight clamping to ply the post face and the connector together.

For more photos of UNARCO T-Bolt Pallet Rack, view the UNARCO Pallet Rack Photo Gallery.

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