Sturdi-Bilt Rack


The Original Sturdi-Bilt Pallet Rack is still Available

Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Lock system can still be ordered for existing systems.  The original design is still available for repair or add-on orders of the first pallet rack design.

UNARCO Engineering can also add onto your existing Sturdi-Bilt rack with new Interchangeable or T-Bolt pallet rack.  Increased capacities and a more rigid connection can improve safety of any warehouse storage or distribution center.

Original Sturdi-BIlt Rack is still manufactured

The original Sturdi-Built rack with Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Locks are still manufactured at UNARCO. Lead times vary based on size of replacement orders. Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Locks and Safety Hooks are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Quick Ship Pallet Rack Click to  ORDER STURDI-BILT REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLINE through the UNARCO QuickShip Program for immediate shipment.

There are two versions of the Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Lock for shipment – P304H and P303H – Please specify when ordering.

Sturdi-Bilt Safety hooks are also available for immediate shipment.

Uprights and beams can be manufactured with proper lead times for smaller orders.  Add-on systems can be designed to fit with your existing Sturdi-Bilt pallet rack system that are up to date designs.

UNARCO engineers can verify your system requirements and insure that proper capacities are calculated.

Please examine older systems for abuse or damage from forklifts or pallets.  Make sure that the Sturdi-Bilt rack system that you are adding onto is in the proper working condition.  Pallet rack systems are exposed to years of forklift traffic and warehouse abuse.  UNARCO supplies a list of durability add-ons for your pallet rack system that will work on the original rack design.  Column protectors and end of aisle guards can be added to Sturdi-Bilt rack to help stop future damage.

UNARCO Engineering can also create pallet rack repair kits for Sturdi-Bilt rack for uprights that have been damaged.