Warehouse Storage Overview


Pallet rack is the backbone of any warehouse storage system but real efficiency can be gained from adding carton flow, pallet flow, push back or drive-in racking systems to help with storage needs.  Below is a list of warehouse storage applications and their storage dynamics.

Warehouse Storage Overview
Increase warehouse storage efficiency with pallet racking applications such as gravity flow systems including carton flow rack, pallet flow rack or push back rack. Utilize warehouse storage space to maximum density with drive-in rack, cantilever or steel mezzanines.

Pallet Rack – LIFO | Static
Heavy-duty shelving where pallets rest on a front and rear beam.

Pallet Flow – FIFO | Gravity
High-density pallet storage where pallets are loaded from the rear and flow forward to a picking position. Powered by gravity, inclined shelves with heavy-duty skate wheel track let product flow forward.

Push Back – LIFO | Gravity
Storage density with easy selectivity. Pallet loads are placed on a series of nesting carts fed forward by gravity on rigid structural steel rail. As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. To unload, select front pallet and the pallet behind comes to the picking position, automatically.

Drive-In – FIFO | Static
Extremely dense storage of pallets on rails that run the depth of the rack system. A common entry and exit loading point requires the forklift operators to drive into the racking system for pallet placement.

Drive-Thru – LIFO | Static
Similar to Drive-in storage where pallets are stored on rails that run the depth of the rack system, however, there are separate loading and unloading aisles. Drivers are still required to enter the racking system to place pallets.

Carton Flow – FIFO | Gravity
Gravity powered system which uses small wheels or conveyor lanes to move cartons through the pallet rack to a picking position. Separate loading and unloading aisles allow product to flow forward and rotate automatically.

Retail Accessories – LIFO | Static
Specially designed accessories to help store odd-sized product safely and keep them in place.