Drive-In Rack Rail Systems


Drive-In Rack Rails are available in structural or roll-formed steel

The UNARCO Drive-In Rack System is adjustable on 3″ vertical centers with roll-formed or structural steel rail systems.

UNARCO offers two styles of  Drive-In/Drive-Thru pallet support rail systems.  The simplest Drive-In Rack Rail is the structural rail which is structural angle-bolted to special drive-in rack arms attached to the pallet rack uprights.

This angle provides a ledge and side support made of durable structural steel for pallet placement.  Drive-In Rack Rails can be painted to match your system or are available in standard safety yellow.

The “Z” rail system is a special UNARCO Drive-In/ Drive-Thru design that incorporates a formed arm with stronger shape properties for a higher capacity and less rotation.  This Z-shaped geometric design provides sturdy support that runs the depth of the lane.  The “Z” Rail is a very cost effective solution for Drive-In Rack with added rail capacity. It can even be formed with pre-galvanized, zinc-coated steel for refrigerated systems or rust prevention.

The UNARCO bolt-on drive-in rack support arm can accommodate either rail system and both are interchangeable in the field. Support arms are available in single-sided for uprights or double-sided for center bay applications. They enable high density storage of pallets and are easy to assemble.

UNARCO also offers a tapered drive-in racking arm which helps forklift drivers enter the pallet rack by guiding the pallet into the bay.

Both Drive-In rack rail support arms are adjustable on 3″ vertical centers to eliminate wasted space within the drive-in rack system.   Drive-In rack support arms are manufactured with inset steel tabs for easy installation and secured by a bolt and nut.

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