Drive-In Rack Structural Options

DRIVE-IN RACK – Structural Steel Options

UNARCO Structural Steel Drive-In Rack offers a sturdy design that is an alternative to roll-formed pallet racking. Certain applications, such as the grocery industry, prefer the structural drive-in rack design because the open channels prevent debris accumulation.

Drive-In Rack manufactured from structural steel

Sloped Leg Drive-In Rack upright gets the lower section of the pallet rack out of the path of forklift traffic.

In addition, structural applications have a higher resistance to local upright damage which is particularly helpful when considering the heavy traffic involved in Drive-In Rack applications.

Structural options are adjustable on 3″ vertical centers with the standard our “Z” Rail Arm support system or full structural steel drive-in rack rail.   Either application can incorporate UNARCO’s sloped leg in the front to prevent damage from forklift traffic.

Both roll-formed tubular designs and structural designs offer sturdy drive-in rack systems for back-to-back storage that increase the warehouse space utilization. Both are easy to assemble and provide the most cost-effective answers to facilities with dense pallet storage.

Drive-In Rack Rails in Safety Yellow

Drive-In Rack Pallet Rails are available with tapered entry to help guide pallets onto the rails.

Structural options are available with a variety of add on safety products to help protect the rack from damage.  Sloped-leg frames get the upright out of harms way from forklift traffic and a number of column protection devices and end-of-aisle pallet rack protection accessories can be included in the design.

UNARCO  structural channel designs for Drive-In Rack are available in any size to fit your pallet load size and design criteria.  Enlist UNARCO’s fifty plus years of engineering experience to design a Drive-in/Drive-Thru System and utilize all of your warehouse space.

Structural Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack options are powder coated for years of durability.  For special freezer applications pallet rack and drive-in rail systems can be hot-dipped galvanized to resist moisture and rust.

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