Retail Rack Dictionary H

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Hammer Holder


Hook & Saddle Bracket

Hammer Holder: A bracket which has two round tubular arms welded to the front to hold hammers. One arm is shorter than the other to allow a slot to slide hammers on for display.

Hardware: Nuts and bolts needed for installation of a beam, upright or accessory.

Heavy Duty Frame: Frame consisting of heavy gauge steel columns that are 3î x 3î.

Hook and Saddle: An accessory that attaches to the column protector to hold a 2×8 board that keeps bagged goods from spilling into the aisle.

Horizontals: The bracing of an upright that runs from front to back .

Hot Dipped Galvanized: (galvanized, galv) A process of taking unpainted rack parts and dipping them into a tank of hot zinc (over 800 degrees) to provide a durable zinc coating. Galvanized racking is used in the garden center and outdoor storage area because it is weather resistant.