Retail Rack Dictionary T-V

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  • T-bolt

    A bolt that has a long end which inserts into the upright front hole and rotates 90 degrees to lock a beam or row spacer to the upright. A t-bolt installation does not require reaching into the column.

  • Teardrop

    (keyhole) The punched holes in the shape of a tear drop that are on the face of inter changeable uprights for beams to attach to. Each pair of holes is 2″ on vertical center.

  • Tek Screw

    A screw that is drilled into the rack to secure accessories. A tek screw should not replace a connection that requires a bolt.

  • Tensile Strength

    A value determined through destructive testing at which a material will fail when being pulled from each end. Tensile Strength is an important property considered when ordering steel.

  • Thickness of Steel

    A decimal measurement of steel taken with a Micrometer.

  • Tolerance

    Fractional variation allowed during manufacturing and installation processes.

  • Ton

    Unit of weight measurement equal to 2,000 pounds.

  • Tool Holder

    A bracket which has two square tubular arms welded to the front, angled upward to hold tools with long handles. One arm is shorter than the other to allow a slot to slide the tools on.

  • Uniform Load

    A load on a pair of beams supported by all, or nearly all of the beam surface.

  • Unsupported Length

    Measurement of the distance between the floor and the top of the first beam or the maximum spacing between beams – whichever is greater.

  • Uprights

    (frames) The vertical member of the rack system which beams lock into. Consists of two columns and welded bracing.

  • V-Divider

    Tubing in the shape of a “V” that has a bracket on either end that attaches to a pair of beams. The “V” hangs below the beams to separate large merchandise such as windows.

  • V-Rack

    V-Rack Fan Rack Upright(fan rack) A special upright with a tall, double post in the rear and a shorter post in the front. A special top section attaches to hold channel beams which sup port fans and light fixtures.

  • VPD

    (Vertical Post Divider) The vertical member used to segregate different size product within a bay without adding beam levels. Post attaches to beam above and rests on beam below. L-rails are installed in the side punching of the VPD to create shelves.

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