Retail Rack Dictionary I-J

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Interchangeable Pallet Rack

IBC: International Building Code. A building code which is being adopted throughout the country to help standardize the safety regulations for the construction industry. IBC in some areas has more stringent guidelines on rack design.

Interchangeable Rack: Style of racking with a typical keyhole pattern that will allow multiple manufacturers to install beams and uprights interchangeably.

J-Hook: A metal locking device shaped in the form of a “J”, placed in holes which align on both the upright and beam. A large head on the end keeps the J-Hook from falling into the upright.

Junction Box: (phone box) An electrical box that has studs attached to the rear so that it can be easily hung on the uprights for placement of phone units and electrical components that must be run throughout the racking.

J-Bolt (J-Hook)


Junction Box