Retail Rack Dictionary S

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  • Saddle Bracket

    Hook Saddle Bracket1 e1345072246624(hook and saddle) An accessory that attaches to the column protector to hold a 2×10 board that keeps bagged goods from spilling into the aisles.

  • Safety Back Stop

    Pallet Back Stop Post and Bracket(safety column, pallet backstop) A post used vertically to stop pallets from falling or being pushed into aisles behind. Attached to the rack with brackets.

  • Seismic Base Plate

    Seismic Base Plate e1345072468917A base plate that is required to be larger in certain areas of the country which have a history of earthquakes.

  • Seismic Calcs

    A set of documents which illustrate how the racking system conforms to special conditions imposed on areas of the country which have a history of earthquakes.

  • Shear

    Tendency to deform or fracture as two members slide against each other.

  • Shims

    Shims e1345072439163(shim plates) Metal plates which nest together to slide under the base plates on uprights to level the rack due to uneven floors.

  • Side Holes

    (side punching) The square holes on the sides of the upright columns to bolt beams and accessories through.

  • Simply Supported Span

    A span which neglects end restraint offered by the connectors. A capacity calculation that does not take end fixity into account.

  • Sloped Extender

    Sloped Upright ExtenderA special extender that has a short front post and a taller rear post designed to insure that pallets remain in their designated bay and do not rest on an upright.

  • Splice Channel

    (splice kit) A channel that fits inside the upright and an extender or post that is attached on top. Splice channels must be bolted above and below splice.

  • Spray Paint

    (touch up paint) 12 cans to a case.

  • Step

    Step e1344781192682Area of a beam which the wood stickers or wire decking rest upon (ledge).

  • Stickers

    Wooden lumber that is placed on the beam steps to form a shelf.

  • Sticker Spacers

    Wood Sticker Spacer for Fire Protection(wooden sticker spacer strips) A metal band with relief areas for wood to nest to separate wooden decking. Spaces wood so that water can flow through in the event of a fire.

  • Studs

    Studs1 e1345072280184(pins) Metal rivets that hang inside the keyholes to align the beam in the upright and stay secure.

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