Retail Rack Dictionary W-Z

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Pallet Rack Wall Tie


Wood Sticker Spacer Strip

Wall Tie: A rigid metal strip with a plate on one end which attaches racking which is prone to over-turning to a concrete wall unit. Before adding wall ties to a system, an engineer should be consulted.

Wedge Anchor: A special, removable bolt used to fasten uprights to the floor.

Weed Wacker Holder: A square tube with a bracket on one end that attaches over the beam. The opposite end of the tube has a bent wire piece which can cradle a weed eater for display.

Weld: The application of heat and gases to fuse two pieces of metal together.

Whiz Bolt: (whiz nut) A bolt or nut with a serrated flat section that grips the surface it is being attached to.

Wind Load: Added force on a rack system caused by wind.

Wire Decking: Grids of wire welded together that rest on the steps of the beams to form a shelf.

Wood Decking: (stickers) Wooden boards which rest on a pair of beams and form a shelf.

Wood Spacer Strips: (sticker spacers) A metal band with relief areas for wood to nest into for separation of wooden decking. Spaces stickers so that water can flow through in the event of fire.

Yield: The point at which a piece of steel is stretched and will not return to its original size. The point at which an overloaded component will take a permanent set.

Zinc: Metallic coating applied to racking components to add weather resistance. (galvanizing)

Zones: (seismic, earthquake zones) A reference to certain areas of the country with different seismic activity.

ex. Zone 1 – Least amount of seismic activity Zone 4: Greatest amount of seismic activity

Wedge Style Anchor Bolt


Whiz Bolt Hardware