Retail Rack Dictionary F

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Fan Beam


Pallet Rack Floor Plan


Foot Plate (Baseplate) for Pallet Rack

Fan Beam: (channel beam) A special beam that attaches on an angle in the fan area and houses the lighting track that is necessary to electrify the fans and light fixtures for display.

Fan Cloud: A truss and beam system used to display lighting and fan fixtures overhead.

Floor Plan: (plan view) A drawing of the store as if looking down on it.

Flue: Space between uprights that are installed back to back. Flue space must be maintained for fire safety. Typically the distance between frames in a retail store is 6î minimum.

Foot Plate: (base plate) Metal plate at the base of an upright used to attach it to the floor. Different sizes of base plates are required for different seismic areas of the country or for ARU uprights.

Frame: (upright) The vertical member of the rack system which beams lock into. Consists of two columns and welded bracing.

Pallet Rack Flue Space

Upright Frame