Retail Rack Dictionary K-L

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  • K-Factor

    A standard set by the Rack Manufacturers Institute for calculating column design and column slenderness.

  • KSI

    A reading of pressure or stress in the testing of steel. PSI rated in 1,000 lbs. per square inch.
    ex: KSI for most rack components is between 50 and 55 KSI. i.e. 50,000 lbs. per square inch.

  • Keyhole

    Keyholes e1344904354312The teardrop shaped holes that are punched on the face of interchangeable uprights for beams to attach to.

  • L-Rail

    L Rail e1344904369877(versa rail, add-a-shelf) A metal bracket in the shape of an “L”, which attaches to an upright and an intermediate post (VPD) to segregate a bay with different size shelves. L-rails attach with two tabs at either end and re quire no hardware. Decking is placed on the L-rails to make a shelf.

  • Lumber Cradle

    Lumber Cradles e1344904432124Structural steel channels welded in the shape of a large “U” to hold loose boards and other items that are broken bundles. Two lumber cradles are required at either end of the lumber.

  • LTL

    L Rails e1344904417206Less than Truck Load. A less expensive method of trucking which combines many orders on one truck and takes product to a terminal for distribution onto another truck.

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