Retail Rack Dictionary P

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  • Paint Line

    A conveyor system which runs through a manufacturing plant that rack product hangs on to be washed, sprayed and baked for a final paint finish.

  • Pallet Back Stop Beam

    Pallet Back Stop Beam e1344986613285A special offset beam which sits behind the bay in the flue space to stop pallets from being pushed into the bay behind.

  • Pins

    Studs1 e1345072280184(studs) Metal studs on the ends of the beam clips that insert in the upright keyholes to secure the beam.

  • Pipe Holder

    Pipe Holder1 e1344988106553An accessory that attaches to an upright to hold pipe, conduit or other long, light weight product stand vertically.

  • Plumbness

    The closeness of an upright or column to being vertical. Uprights should not be out more than 1/2î per 10í–0î of vertical height.

  • Point Load

    Concentrated Load1 e1344987263504(concentrated load) A load which bears on a small area of a beam rather than being distributed through out the pair of beams.

    ex. A pallet loaded in the center of a bay can cause a decrease in the capacity of beams.

  • Post

    Column1 e1344987376427(column) Roll formed post section with key holes used to make an upright.

  • Post Cap

    Post Cap e1344986695249(adjustable post cap) The removable top of the adjustable VPD which attaches the cut post to the beam above.

  • Post Extension

    Post Extension e1344986717175A single post that attaches to the front column of an existing upright with a splice plate to allow for signage display or accessory attachment.

  • Pre-galvanized

    Steel that has been pre-treated chemically with zinc for weather resistance.

  • Powder Coat

    A paint application method which sprays paint in the form of powder on the rack parts. Parts then run through an oven which melts the powder, turning it to a liquid and the heat then bonds the paint to the upright. A durable finish.

  • PSI

    A reading of pressure or stress in the testing of steel. Pounds per Square Inch.

  • Push Back

    Push Back Cart e1344986733752A special racking system with nesting carts. As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. To unload, the front pallet is removed and the rear pallets come forward to the picking position, automatically.

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