Retail Rack Dictionary G

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  • Galvanized Insert

    A special accessory which is inserted and bolted into the bottom of an upright to act as the base plate. It can raise the upright 1″ – 6″ off the ground and away from water and chemicals which flow along the concrete of outdoor lawn and garden areas. The special galvanized finish helps prolong the life of the upright and can be replaced without having to replace the entire upright.

  • Galvanizing

    (galv) A process of taking unpainted rack parts and dipping them into a tank of hot zinc (over 800 degrees) to provide a durable zinc coating. Galvanized racking is used in the garden centers and out door storage areas because it is weather resistant.

  • Gauge

    The standard measurement for steel thickness associated with different decimal equivalents.

  • Gravity Lock

    A patented Unarco locking device which uses a floating pin to secure beams to uprights. When the beam is lifted, the pin stays in the locked position and cannot be dislodged (a result of gravity).

  • Grid Dividers

    (dividers) A series of three trays which hang over the beam to display ceiling grid and other long pieces of merchandise displayed horizontally.

  • Grade 5 Bolt

    A special rating system for hardware. Grade 5 signifies a higher steel hardness than Grade 1.

  • Gutless Upright

    An upright with fewer bracing panels to allow displays or pods to run through the upright opening. Note: Gutless uprights have capacities that are considerably less than standard uprights.

    ex.: Heavy-Duty Frame Capacity = 37,500 lbs. Gutless Frame Capacity = 5,000 lbs.

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