Retail Rack Dictionary B

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Pallet Rack Back Stop Bracket

Pallet Rack Bay Measurement

Beam Connection in Interchangeable Upright

Horizontal Upright Bracing

Beam Step - Beam Ledge

Back Stop Bracket:  Bracket which attaches over the beam to secure column for pallet back stop. Helps keep product from being pushed into the aisle behind.

Back To Back:  Uprights that are placed directly behind each other with only a flue area separating.

Barrel Bolt:  A special bolt with a rounded cap which can secure accessories (i.e. column protectors) without protruding into the bay where product is stored.  This helps keep product from being damaged.

Base plate:  (foot plate)  Metal plate at the base of an upright used to support upright and attach it to the floor.  Different sizes of base plates are required in dif- ferent seismic areas of the country or for different size columns.

Bay:  Product storage and display area between two uprights. ex.  A 102” bay is the distance between two uprights that product may be displayed in.  i.e. the length of the beams.

Beam:  A horizontal member of the rack system.  Two beams are placed at the same level, front and rear, to make a shelf.  Wood or wire decking is placed on top of the beams to create a product display platform.

Beam Connection:  (angle, beam clip)  End clamp on a beam that fastens it to the upright and is comprised of various locking devices and a number of studs which rest in the keyholes.

Beam Length:  Measurement from inside of angle to inside of opposite end angle which correlates to the distance between two uprights and the bay length.

Beam Spread:  Occurs when excess weight in the center of the shelf causes beams to bow outward.  Ex- cessive beam spread can cause the decking to fall through and the merchandise to fall to the floor or shelf below.

Beam Step:  Ledge of beam which the wood decking or wire decking rest upon.

Board Rack:  Special upright used to display wooden boards or specialty lumber.  Angled backward for better product display and customer access.

Bolts:  Hardware used to attach accessories, beams and uprights.

  • M-Divider: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz  –
  • Tool Holder: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
  • Row Spacer: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
  • Column Protector: Barrel Bolt Upright Extensions: 1/2” x 3-3/4” Whiz  –
  • Safety Column: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz

Bracing:  Horizontally and diagonally welded steel channels that tie columns together to form an upright.

Bundles:  Stack of beams or uprights banded together for shipping. Approximate Bundle Sizes:

  • 3” beams: (80)
  • 3.5” beams: (64)
  • 5.5” beams:  (56)
  • 6” beams:  (48)
  • Uprights:  (15)
B T B Pallet Rack Uprights

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