Retail Rack Dictionary B

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  • Back Stop Bracket

    Bracket which attaches over the beam to secure column for pallet back stop. Helps keep product from being pushed into the aisle behind.

  • Back To Back

    Uprights that are placed directly behind each other with only a flue area separating.

  • Barrel Bolt

    A special bolt with a rounded cap which can secure accessories (i.e. column protectors) without protruding into the bay where product is stored. This helps keep product from being damaged.

  • Base plate

    (foot plate) Metal plate at the base of an upright used to support upright and attach it to the floor. Different sizes of base plates are required in dif- ferent seismic areas of the country or for different size columns.

  • Bay

    Product storage and display area between two uprights. ex. A 102” bay is the distance between two uprights that product may be displayed in. i.e. the length of the beams.

  • Beam

    A horizontal member of the rack system. Two beams are placed at the same level, front and rear, to make a shelf. Wood or wire decking is placed on top of the beams to create a product display platform.

  • Beam Connection

    (angle, beam clip) End clamp on a beam that fastens it to the upright and is comprised of various locking devices and a number of studs which rest in the keyholes.

  • Beam Length

    Measurement from inside of angle to inside of opposite end angle which correlates to the distance between two uprights and the bay length.

  • Beam Spread

    Occurs when excess weight in the center of the shelf causes beams to bow outward. Ex- cessive beam spread can cause the decking to fall through and the merchandise to fall to the floor or shelf below.

  • Beam Step

    Ledge of beam which the wood decking or wire decking rest upon.

  • Board Rack

    Special upright used to display wooden boards or specialty lumber. Angled backward for better product display and customer access.

  • Bolts

    Hardware used to attach accessories, beams and uprights.

    • M-Divider: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
    • Tool Holder: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
    • Row Spacer: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
    • Column Protector: Barrel Bolt Upright
    • Extensions: 1/2” x 3-3/4” Whiz –
    • Safety Column: 3/8” x 3-3/4” Whiz
  • Bracing

    Horizontally and diagonally welded steel channels that tie columns together to form an upright.

  • Bundles

    Stack of beams or uprights banded together for shipping. Approximate Bundle Sizes:

    • 3” beams: (80)
    • 3.5” beams: (64)
    • 5.5” beams: (56)
    • 6” beams: (48)
    • Uprights: (15)

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