Retail Rack Dictionary E

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Pallet Rack Extender

Earthquake Zone: (High Seismic Zone) An area or region with a history of earthquake occurrence. These zones will require specially designed racking and calculations.
ex.: Zone 1 – Less Severe Zone 4 – Most Severe

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange. The paperless exchange of data including purchase orders and payment information between customer and vendor.

Embedment: The depth that an anchor is fixed into the concrete slab.

Engineering: Department on staff to perform calculations to approximate what rack members will hold and how they should be designed.

Extenders: (extensions) A short upright frame with no base plate that is attached with a splice plate to the top of an existing upright to make it taller.

Sloped: (sloped extensions) A special extender that has a short front post and a taller rear post designed to insure that pallets remain in their designated bay.

Sloped Upright Extender for Pallet Rack