Retail Rack Dictionary R

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Versa Rack Shelf Side Member


Pipe Retention Bracket for Racking

Pallet Racking Flue Spacer

Rack: A system of beams and uprights which form heavy duty shelving for pallets and other product.

Rail: (l-rail) A metal bracket in the shape of an “L” which attaches to an upright and an intermediate post (VPD) to segregate a bay with different size shelves. L-rails attach with two tabs at either end and require no hardware. Decking is placed on the L-rails to make a shelf.

Retainer Brackets: (fence retainer) An accessory which attaches over a beam and provides a stop for long length product that is stored horizontally on the shelf.

RMI: Rack Manufacturers Institute. Membership assumes compliance with manufacturing and design to a strict set of standards. A set of standards is published and may be obtained by contacting the RMI.

Rockwell Readings: A value determined by testing that rates the hardness of metals. A higher rockwell number indicates a higher surface hardness.

Row Spacer: (rigid row spacer) A lateral tie from upright to upright in a back to back rack set up.

Run: A row of rack. Multiple bays in a line.

Run of Pallet Rack