Retail Rack Dictionary D

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Pallet Rack Trays Gird Dividers


Pallet Rack Divider Arm


Drop Clamp Beam

Decimal Thickness: The measure of the thickness of steel in inches. ex.: Upright Decimal Thickness = 0.120 i.e. the thickness of the upright is 0.120 of an inch (a little less than 1/8″ thick)

Decking: Wood or metal material used to span two beams and create a shelf.

Dedicated Truck: A truck that leaves the manufacturer and drives directly to the store with product and does not combine it with any other product that may be going to the same area or to the same store.

Deflection: The downward distortion (sag) of a beam caused by load or force. The allowable deflection of a beam is determined by dividing the length of the beam by 180.
ex. Beam Length = 102î 102/180 = .566 Allowable Deflection = approx. 1/2″ sag at the center of the beam.

Diagonals: Bracing in an upright that runs in the diagonal direction.

Divider: (grid divider) A series of trays which hang over the beam to hold ceiling grid or other long pieces of merchandise displayed horizontally.

Divider Arm: (tool holder) A bracket with a single arm made of square tubing, which divides or separates product.

Double Column: (ARU) An upright with a secondary column to resist impact from forklifts or pallets.

Drop Clamp: Method of welding a beam flush with the bottom of the connector (floor beam).

Diagonal Bracing for Pallet Rack


Upright Column Backer