Engineering Capabilities

Warehouse Storage Rack

With over sixty years of engineering experience, there is no company that has seen more warehouse storage dilemmas than UNARCO. The engineering staff of UNARCO has some of the most creative minds in the Pallet Rack industry. From a simple selective Pallet Rack to complicated Pick Modules and engineered systems projects, UNARCO can provide CAD approval drawings and permitting drawings, and can ensure that your warehouse storage project will increase efficiency.

UNARCO engineers have sat on boards of the RMI and been instrumental in working with the Material Handling Industry of America to develop codes and standards that insure warehouse safety in distribution centers across the U.S. In addition, UNARCO staff members hold positions within the ANSI Standards Board and help develop materials, calculations, and acceptable practices within the Pallet Rack and Material Handling Industry.

CAD Designers in every plant are familiar with warehouse layouts and design and pull from within UNARCO’s large manufacturing expanse to create projects with Carton Flow RackPallet Flow RackPush Back Rack, and Drive-In Rack systems that will elevate your warehouse storage efficiency to the next level.

UNARCO has created powerful engineering software and tools to help with the calculations and design of any racking project. The powerful Rack Engine Quote program will create engineered drawings and bills of materials for steel mezzanines and industrial work platforms.

UNARCO engineers can handle detailed calculation packages for seismic design from the smallest selective rack project to the most complex pick module system. Let our Project Management team take your project through to completion with on-site Project Managers that work hand-in-hand with Customer Service and the manufacturing facilities to ensure a smooth installation.

With the full-range of products that UNARCO is able to produce in all three facilities, our engineers can present multiple options in both structural or roll-formed, and bolted and interchangeable designs.

Integration of conveyor, pallet flow and carton flow into multi-level system.
Integration of conveyor, pallet flow and carton flow into multi-level system.

System Highlights:

Highly Engineered Systems rely on the experience of the UNARCO Engineering team.

  • Complete project turnaround

  • Engineers registered in all 50 states

  • Help with city and local permitting

  • Project Managers work with customers at every phase of projects

  • CAD Detailers have accumulated decades worth of racking components for every application need

With decades of time-tested racking designs as an industry leader in pick module design and fabrication, no company can compete with an UNARCO experience. The UNARCO team has systematic engineering checks for customer orders and daily collaboration between engineering and plant fabrication staff.

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Decades of Project Engineering Expertise 

CAD Designers in every plant are familiar with warehouse layouts and design, offering unmatched industry expertise to increase the efficiency of warehouse storage. Automated quoting programs with engineering calculations built-in create accurate designs quickly.

For photos of UNARCO Engineered Systems projects and other general selective pallet rack systems, view the UNARCO Photo Gallery.

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