AS/RS Systems – Unit Load


Automated storage and retrieval systems, usually referred to as AS/RS systems are computer controlled systems for storing and retrieving products in warehouses.  These AS/RS systems require the use of virtually no manual labor.

AS/RS Unit Load Moves Pallets

Unit Load AS/RS Systems can be as high as 100 feet and store and retrieve pallet loads with large computerized cranes.

Unit-Load AS/RS systems are bigger systems that typically store pallet loads.   Smaller systems which are commonly called mini-load AS/RS allow selection of items in totes, trays or cartons.

AS/RS systems are configured with pallet rack laid out with narrow aisles between.  A crane with a tall mast travels through the aisle and moves vertically and horizontally to storage picking positions.  When the AS/RS system crane reaches the storage location, a carriage travels up the mast to the picking spot.  An automatic mechanism then reaches into the storage location to retrieve or return the pallet load.

The Unit-Load AS/RS systems are designed for larger loads which are pallets or pallet-sized loads.  Some systems are over 100 feet tall.  Whatever the application, UNARCO’s system engineering can design an AS/RS application to maximize pallet storage.

The benefits of a fixed aisle system such as AS/RS are the decreased space required and the reduced labor needed to store and retrieve materials efficiently.  AS/RS systems can also be installed in harsh environments that can create hazardous conditions for workers such as freezers.  Because of the computer technology involved AS/RS can create a very accurate form of inventory control with only a few employees on-site.

Excel Format AS/RS Design Tool Link

FREE AS/RS Design Tool – Click Link Above

ExASRS is a Microsoft Excel-based software tool that determines the dimensions of a Unit-Load AS/RS.

To find out if an AS/RS system is right for your distribution center or warehouse visit Is AS/RS Right for Me?, or How AS/RS Works.  View photos of AS/RS Systems in the UNARCO AS/RS Systems Photo Gallery.