How Pallet Flow Rack Works

Inclined Shelves and Gravity

UNARCO’s Pallet Flow Rack system is gravity driven. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward to picking position. Pallet Flow Rack is a very high-density storage solution. Pallets rest at the front of the bay on pallet stops keep the pallet from flowing out of the pallet rack.

The metal skate wheels contain an anti-backup device that keeps the pallets moving towards the picking position. Additional wheels can be added for more pallet support and the center lines of the skate wheels can be increased for heavier loads. The Pallet Flow Rack skate wheels are available in metal or plastic options and in-line or staggered wheel patterns for heavy pallet loads.

Pallet Flow Rack is used for full pallet picking and will require minimal aisles because pallet loads are stored back-to-back flush in the rack. Deep Land Pallet Flow Rack allows more pallets to be stored and uses electro-mechanical or pneumatic speed-braking systems to slow the loads down and keep them contained in the pallet racking.

Plastic wheels and metal rollers are available for any type of pallet. Hard-to-flow containers and damaged pallets can flow to picking position with the support of full-width metal rollers up to 54" wide. Not all pallets are the same and not all applications fit into a mold. UNARCO pallet flow options with sophisticated braking systems and inline speed controllers let pallets move through the system without damage at a safe speed. UNARCO engineers can test your company pallet and product to present a wide range of cost-effective solutions to help with distribution center efficiency and product flow.


System Highlights:

Pallet Flow Systems use rollers or wheels to allow pallets to glide from the loading aisle to the picking aisle.

  • High-density storage of pallets

  • First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory control automatically

  • Inclined shelves and pitch control pallet flow speed

  • Zero energy consumption because gravity does the work

  • Perfect for high volume pallet SKUs

Pallet flow systems are guided by gravity from the loading aisle to the picking aisle. Pre-installed end stops on each lane allow pallets to stop gently at the picking position in the aisle. The controlled speed of UNARCO braking systems keeps flow at a safe speed and reliably delivers pallets for picking.

For more photos of AS/RS systems, view the UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Photo Gallery.

Deep Lane Pallet Flow

Store as many as 20 pallets deep and many levels high in Pallet Flow Pick Modules which tie into Carton Flow areas to break pallets down to cartons or pieces. This allows for efficient warehouse and distribution center storage with fewer aisles and more pallets.

Pallet Flow works exactly as the name suggests when you install the heavy-duty, durable UNARCO option into your warehouse.

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