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AS/RS Systems – Narrow Aisles = More Storage Space

Automated storage and retrieval systems— commonly known as AS/RS Systems— are computer-controlled systems with extreme accuracy operating in very narrow aisles. Due to the narrow aisles in an automated storage system, a typical 12′ aisle can be reduced to a narrow 7′ aisle. This creates 40% more space for warehouse storage rather than aisles and one of two types of systems, Unit Load AS/RS and Mini Load AS/RS, can be engineered depending on the size of the warehouse product being stored.

AS/RS System aisles are narrow in order to save warehouse space for dense storage efficiency. Aisles may be narrow because they are only accessed by AS/RS Cranes.

Similarly, if a conventional lift truck uses a 9′ aisle, an AS/RS application with a 7′ aisle creates about 20% more warehouse storage space. Another benefit, because of the accuracy of an AS/RS System, is that storage can go higher, thereby utilizing vertical space.

As technology changes, AS/RS systems move right along with it. New systems unload trailers at the dock and take product straight to the narrow aisles. Current AS/RS systems require the use of virtually no manual labor.

Modern day automated pickers can now move throughout the warehouse and are no longer tethered to rails running down aisles. This new mobility eliminates wire guidance needs or special site and floor conditions.

AS/RS systems can be configured in many different ways. Typically, a smaller system will not use shuttles to pick and retrieve loads while some automated storage and retrieval systems use extractors that grasp handles on metal trays with vacuums or robotic arms.

Current warehouses can be converted to narrow aisle systems with automated storage and retrieval with a quick cash payback in ROI. This payback can occur even faster if you are at a crossroads on whether to expand to new warehouse space. Is an AS/RS System right for your warehouse?

System Highlights:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems use automated very accurate order pickers guided with computerized lasers to pick items in narrow aisles

  • Easily get 40% more dense storage space with narrow aisles

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval utilizes warehouse technology to help you pick more accurately

  • AS/RS uses minimal labor

  • UNARCO manufactures to the tight tolerances required with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System

  • Use the technology of an AS/RS system to drastically improve inventory control

The benefits of a narrow aisle system such as AS/RS lie in the minimal space required and the reduced labor needed for material storage and retrieval.  Let UNARCO engineering improve your warehouse productivity.  Hazardous worker  environments such as freezers, can also be adapted for automated storage and retrieval systems.

For more photos of AS/RS systems view the UNARCO AS/RS Photo Gallery.

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