Benefits of AS/RS Systems

AS/RS Improves Floor Space Utilization

UNARCO AS/RS Systems – Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems store, handle and retrieve with speed and accuracy.

  • Improve order picking accuracy

     Pallets, cartons or cases.

  • Lean inventory management

    Reduce spoilage of food or damage to product

  • Any environment

    AS/RS System Freezer applications as low as -40 °F or other harsh environments – Wet, Dry, or Frozen.

  • Safer operations

    AS/RS system cranes are low-noise, improve employee safety, and reduce operator fatigue, making them perfect for hazardous materials storage.

  • As automated as you need

    Simple, manually controlled order picking, or let us engineer a fully-automated AS/RS system with every detail your warehouse needs.

  • Narrow aisles = more storage space

    Vertical, horizontal, and lateral movement from aisle to storage load location.

  • High-density storage

    The smallest building footprint with maximum product storage.

  • Modular design

    Easy expansion as your AS/RS system grows.

  • Speed, cost and flexibility

    Technology provides new options that can make AS/RS an impactful investment option for nearly any distribution operation.

Narrow aisles provide an easy pathway for AS/RS system cranes to navigate as they retrieve product with speed and accuracy.
Narrow aisles provide an easy pathway for AS/RS system cranes to navigate as they retrieve product with speed and accuracy.

System Highlights:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems increases picking accuracy by reducing picking errors.

  • Accurate inventory control

  • Improved worker ergonomics

  • Remove bottlenecks and improve picking throughput

  • Reduce labor costs and number of workers needed for daily operations

  • Reduce building footprint and maximize floor space utilization

AS/RS is a highly accurate order picking operation that utilizes narrow aisles and highly accurate and computerized cranes to create a very dense picking space. Use every inch of vertical space to help with storage density and distribution center design.  Even a dense picking system with hundreds of SKUs needs fewer workers which leads to fewer accidents and improved safety.

Increased Picking accuracy

AS/RS Systems provide fast accurate load transfers at high-speed automated storage and simple retrieval operations. UNARCO engineered designs can create Unit Load AS/RS Systems or Mini Load AS/RS Systems.

Current warehouses can be converted into AS/RS applications with automated storage and retrieval for fast payback in ROI.

For more information on how AS/RS Systems work, view the How AS/RS Works, or Is AS/RS right for my warehouse?, or additional photos of AS/RS systems in the UNARCO AS/RS Photo Gallery.



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