UPick Carton Flow


UNARCO’s UPICK carton flow rack system is a knock-down carton flow system that installs easily on site and ships very efficiently.  Because of individual component shipments, there is less damage in transit and shipping costs are greatly reduced.

Carton Flow Rack with knock-down shelf assembly

UPICK Carton Flow Rack ships more compact with less damage to save you money. On-site interchangeable shelf members are assembled with only a shelf clip and no tools.

The UPICK carton flow rack  system is very versatile and shelves adjust in 1½” increments.  This flexibility allows you to reconfigure your system as SKU sizes change or are added and deleted.

Parts are manufactured to snap together with little to no hardware.  The UPICK shelf clip inserts into the side of the post to support the carton flow rack shelf assembly.

Shelf side members are interchangeable with no left or right.  Front and rear members are also not specific for ease of installation.  Once front, rear and side members are snapped together, UPICK carton flow rack is ready to roll.

For smooth product roll UNARCO offers Carton Trax steel axle individual tracks or RhinoDeck full-width roller conveyor units.  If you prefer a welded shelf assembly UNARCO also manufactures KPICK (Kingway Carton Flow Rack) welded design.

With carton flow rack there is no chance of failing electrical parts because it is gravity powered; loads flow automatically on sloped shelves to the pick position.  As one carton is removed, another flows forward to the front to fill the empty space.  The separation of a pick aisle and a loading aisle is beneficial to warehouse efficiency.

Single level systems can be engineered to effectively separate fast moving and slow moving stock units.  Multi-level carton flow rack systems can be used to maximize floor space as it is often more sensible to expand vertically.   Utilize  UNARCO’s years of engineering experience, elevated work platforms can be created by installing support beams, catwalk bars, deck surfaces, stairways and hand railings to form complete working pick modules.

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